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29 Jul 2019
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Inbound marketing in Panama | New trends

inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing, or attraction marketing, consists in making the user to find you, contrary to the traditional marketing (that consists of chasing customers). In other words, Inbound Marketing doesn’t focus directly on the sale, but rather on informing the consumer. The effectiveness of this “technique” is the construction of its own channel to capture users and make them fall in love with valuable content.

It is mainly composed of content that is disseminated through different channels (digital media) in order to achieve the lowest acquisition cost and that the user obtains valuable information instead of just pressing it to access to buy the product or service directly . It is about the relationship that the brand makes with the consumer to help him rather than sell him.

Inbound Marketing has 4 pillars:

  1. Traffic attraction. Blogs, podcasts, videos, e-books, newsletters, whitepapers, search engine optimization techniques (SEO), social networks, marketing, content marketing strategies.
  2. Conversion. Convert the web traffic obtained into a database, essential for any Inbound Marketing action to come to good results.
  3. Marketing automation. After having obtained or acquired the database, it is time to start two techniques: lead scoring and lead nurturing. Lead scoring refers to what position it is possible to know which contacts are the ones that are closest to formalizing a purchase. While lead nurturing refers to a series of actions aimed at bringing the benefits of a particular product closer to potential customers.
  4. Keep customers satisfied. Offer them information that may be useful. Take care of those “leads” that, although they will never become customers, follow all the news of the brand.

inbound marketing

Finally, Inbound Marketing allows us to better understand the user, give them valuable content, help them better understand their needs and, therefore, make them a subscriber of what we sell. At the end, in this environment what it is about is to help the user, not invade him.

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Inbound marketing in Panama | New trends
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Judith Cobo
Judith Cobo
Country Manager Guatemala
Better known as Cus, she developed her career for more than 15 years in the marketing business and communications for Leo Burnett & Grey, where here main focus was the development of strategies and management of the regional brand portfolio, like P&G and Kellog's for Latam.She was formed in Chicago, Mexico and Colombia, where she planned and implemented strategies of Shopper Marketing in the main retailers of Central America, becoming a center piece for the growth of the business in Guatemala.Currently, she's the Country Manager for LDM in Guatemala, where for almost two years she's been at the hel of the digital transformation of the leading brands of the country.
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