Chatbot automation | A new era for lead generation and Artificial Intelligence

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29 Jul 2019
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Chatbot automation | A new era for lead generation and Artificial Intelligence

Chatbot automation

In our previous blog about leads, we talked about how to generate these small capsules of information that are important and useful for companies, because they are the way in which they will allow them to convert their investment in the digital world to real sales.

In e-marketing, when a user after an internet search arrives at a web page and fills in an information request form, we call this lead.

This is why, those masses of information so important for companies, should be able to be collected in a massive way, and the best way to do it would be 24/7/365. But having a staff constantly interacting with users to obtain this information, would imply a great use of human resources.

Then, the need is born to continue attracting customers, regardless of the time or place from which they contact us. But, only Call Centers have the possibility to remain available at any time for such work.

What can we do in that case?

The answer: Let’s use Bots

A bot is a software or computer program prepared to perform repetitive tasks over the Internet as if it were a human, that is, with some intelligence.

This is why there are different types of bots, assigning these personalized tasks to the needs of our companies.

And now is when we have a technological ally, that regardless of time or day, may be performing repetitive tasks for us.

When we finally implement bots on our websites and / or social networks, which can interact with people, we are using technology to our advantage.

This is achieved by detecting specific words in the chats, and the fact of storing the data we need to convert contacting with users into leads, makes us one step ahead.

But when talking about chatbots, we refer to one more step for Artificial Intelligence, since these bots are able to hold conversations with people and to carry out certain orders that we indicate.

Many users, without knowing it, will be interacting with a series of processes and commands, while they think there is a person on the other side of the screen responding.

chatbot automation

Eliza Chatbot

What many people don’t know is that the history of bots is much older than imagined, since Eliza was the first chat bot in history, created in 1966 by Joseph Weizenbaum of MIT.

And even though his goal was to show the superficiality of human conversations, it was the proof of communication between the machine and man.

By detecting keywords, Eliza could start conversations. This became the first step towards Artificial Intelligence applied to the chats.

Artificial Intelligence applied to Digital Marketing

At the beginning, when we heard about Artificial Intelligence, the first thing that came to our mind were science fiction movies, Star Wars, ET and any other subject far from our reality.

But Artificial Intelligence is a reality, and is in contact with us more than we imagine.

That’s when we have two potential users:

  • Those who are concerned that it makes the processes so automated that human intervention is not necessary.
  • Those who trust that this will be a tool to streamline processes and make them more efficiently.

But the reality is that thanks to Digital Intelligence, chatbots have the possibility to create that interaction between people, so it doesn’t matter if you sleep, if you are out of work, or you simply don’t have access to your computer, the bots will all be there for you.

And we are able to request that series of data that will allow us to generate leads for our brands, regardless of the day or time.

Chatbot automation

Just as Facebook, Uber and many other platforms are incorporating into their lead capture strategy, we also have done so.

It is important that in a frequent time, we feed our chatbot, like as well as a child who learns vocabulary, the more words he knows, the better his performance can be.

Do you want to know more ways to get leads?

As a Performance Agency, we work to take your brand to the next level. Contact us!

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