Internet sites formed by communities of individuals with common interests or activities (such as friendship, kinship, work) and that allow contact between these.

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28 Jun 2023
Currently, the way of doing business, especially for small companies or independent projects, is following non-traditional models. One of the most used strategies for this type ...
16 Apr 2020
Starting in March 2020, we have entered a new era known as COVID-19, accelerating what was going to happen anyways in the economy. All this has ...
21 Feb 2020
digital marketing automation
Have you ever heard about Digital Marketing Automation? Surely it seems a distant term and you probably don’t need to know, but if you are a ...
04 Nov 2019
google academy online
The main subsidiary of the American multinational company Alphabet, and owner of the main search engine on the Web, Google, has a success story behind each ...