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30 Jul 2019
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30 Jul 2019

360 Marketing strategy | What you must know about it

360 marketing strategy

When it comes to 360 Marketing strategy, it is usually about defining a marketing plan with a presence both in the digital and in the traditional plane.

The 360 ​​number is both broad and powerful, and there is no definitive example that distinguishes what a 360 campaign really is. Instead, its meaning can be very broad.

For a campaign to be really a 360 marketing strategy, should cover everything from ATL, to digital and social, and even expand to new media that appear in the ecosystem.

360 marketing strategy, covers the entire cycle, from discovery to purchase and repeat customer. The client must receive the communication no matter where he is, so you have to think about guiding him throughout the trip.

Today, most buying decisions start online.

So when your brand appears in the eyes of potential customers, the chances of achieving real conversions are in your favor. Many studies indicate that electronic commerce will double and grow.

Electronic Commerce

Currently, e-commerce has experienced strong growth globally, both in terms of volume of users and commercial sites. Without a doubt, investment in advertising has contributed to its accelerated development in an exponential way. Today, it is the quick and easy way to do business without the need for large investments, from the comfort of your home or office, because you only need a computer and Internet access.

360 marketing strategy

A few days ago, we were present at the Digital Agency Day, a day dedicated to digital agencies, in which we joined forces with Unbounce and Hubspot to hold a conference on the key elements to implement 360 Digital Marketing strategies. point, Rafael Strauss, president of Latam Digital Marketing, presented with Pablo Penadés, Marketing Manager of Unbounce in Spanish.

On the session we prepared with Pablo, we started from 5 fundamental facts:

  • # 1: The world is digital
  • # 2: Everything digital moves by software
  • # 3: We can’t control the environment
  • # 4: We cannot control the customer or the consumer
  • # 5: We want to be different

You didn’t have the time to see it? Here’s the full video

Are you ahead of the curve? Is your strategy well integrated? Are you sure what you are trying to communicate to the world and how are you going to do it? Do you want more and better customers?

You already know what to do. Let’s talk about the next digital strategy!

As a Performance Agency, we work to take your brand to the next level. Contact us!

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Alberto Alvarez
Alberto Alvarez
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After working for almost a decade in marketing in Procter & Gamble, Alberto envisions the power of changes in the digital era and decides to focus in the entrepreneurship world in Latam. In 2012 he founds his first start-up,, changing the way to engage with real estate in the region. Alberto served as Marketing VP for Agora Technologies at Silicon Valley, a company finance by Guy Kawasaki & Nolan Bushnell, where he developed the main concept of Startup Icon. Today, Alberto is the CEO of the holding company that conforms Latam Digital Marketing, and its subsidiaries in Latin America.
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