Presidente LDM
18 years of experience building brands and managing high profile businesses. He worked at Procter & Gamble, managing the strategy, development, and execution of campaigns for global brands like Ariel, Downy, Pantene, and Head & Shoulders for 10 years.His passion is the creation of marketing strategies directly connected to measurable business results for his clients at LDM.
17 Sep 2019
Moment Marketing
When it comes to campaign investments, it is necessary to get the most out of every dollar you invest. And if you work with a multichannel ...
26 May 2019
digital performance marketing
Performance marketing is one of the most important tools for both brands and marketers. This is based on the basic principle of paying for results, either ...
19 Feb 2019
Growth Hacking
Few resources, a lot of analysis, creativity and above all, the priority of growth and making a brand a trend… Welcome to Growth Hacking! This is ...
01 Nov 2018
mobile marketing strategies
Are you reading this from your mobile phone? The odds are very high. According to statistics, 62% of people who are on the internet, do it ...