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Google Academy for Ads | Get to know what it offers

google academy online

The main subsidiary of the American multinational company Alphabet, and owner of the main search engine on the Web, Google, has a success story behind each of its products.

Google Academy Online

We know great tools of mass consumption like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Earth, YouTube, Google Chrome, Android, among others.

“Speed ​​and excellence, two core concepts for Google.” – Larry Page

With more than one million servers in the world and the ability to answer 1000 million questions daily, we have Google. It positions your website as the most visited in the world.

The academy

The company has created the largest academy chain in the world and continues to develop products for it.

They are based on efforts as part of their entrepreneurial culture and work under a scheme to value and foster knowledge.

In case you didn’t know, there are different websites dedicated to promoting the study, in addition to many Google courses, which seek to create specialists and look for talents around the world.

Find the Google Academy you like the most

In order to understand a little the concept of learning with Google, we have decided to include the different programs offered in its digital format as “Google Academy“.

Transmitting the experience and needs that specialists require to be experts in the handling of Google products, has been very important. This has driven the magnificent idea of ​​creating Digital Professionals in a 100% digital world.

The academies that Google has publicly are:

To analyze your data

Google Analytics Academy
The academy focused on mastering the company’s analytical tools for web resources, has four courses.

It focuses on improving or acquiring knowledge in analytics for digital strategies. This is possible thanks to its self-learning scheme, where you can join an online study community.

Besides, it will allow you to test your skills with the different tests and take lessons with experts directly from Google.

Adwords and Analytics hand in hand

Google Partners Academy
It is one of the most requested academies because within it, you acquire knowledge and specialization about Google Adwords and Google Analytics.

Their community is characterized by being certified in 2 of the 7 specialties they offer.

Due to the complexity and validity of these certifications, they grant their alumni with the Google Partner badge.

Digital Innovation made a tool

Think with Google

It is the academy based in the United Kingdom, designed for professionals with experience in the digital marketing sector. Currently, it has 4 specialization courses with high academic value.

If you want to be part of this remarkable group of Digital Marketing gurus you need to apply, have previous experience and work with a Google agency or partner.

The interesting thing is that the courses are taught by Googlers and some final exams are face-to-face.

Develop with Google

Developing on the Web, Android and IOS is much easier with Google Developers, with support from Udacity.

The company offers one of the most complete and renamed programs worldwide. It is responsible for Apps development, Web development, Cloud Computing, technology entrepreneurship and more.

Besides, there are other tools that you will be able to develop in this unique space.

Teachers teaching teachers

Google academy online
GTA, Google Teacher Academy is a professional development experience designed to help elementary and middle school educators around the world to make the most of innovative technologies.

Their courses are face-to-face and provide teachers with certifications that will allow them to present themselves as professionals in the use of the necessary tools of the 21st century.

Research in different sources

Google Scholar
Despite not being an academy with courses and certifications, it is a popular Google tool that allows you to search specialized bibliography in a simple way.

From a single site, you can search in a large number of disciplines and sources such as:

  • Studies reviewed by specialists
  • Thesis
  • Books
  • Abstracts
  • Source Articles
  • Academic publishers
  • Professional societies
  • Preliminary Impression Deposits
  • Studies of universities and other academic organizations

Google products are increasingly diversified, and we have tools to work on digital innovation, so you shouldn’t miss these opportunities (and less the free ones)

And if you are in Panama, these are some Digital Marketing Courses that might interest you. And other online courses that you can not miss.

As a Performance Agency, we work to take your brand to the next level. Contact us today!

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