Political campaign marketing strategies – All about the benefits

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Political campaign marketing strategies – All about the benefits

political campaign marketing strategies

Last time, we were talking about political digital marketing and how it has more interference in the outcome of the elections than you think.

This time, we have a theme on the same section, but with a different approach.

While political marketing exists as a general concept, there is also electoral marketing, in a more specific sense.

According to Mario Herreros Arconada, electoral marketing follows from political marketing, and is known as:

The approach, implementation and dissemination of certain messages, on occasion of the implementation of electoral processes, to designate the government of a particular political community; It is, therefore, a specific variant of political marketing.

It is clear, then, that there are compelling reasons to see political campaign marketing strategies and use it in our favor.

Is it worth the investment of resources in political campaign marketing strategies?

The truth is that the effort to design a marketing campaign would seem absurd, but the results speak for themselves.

Political campaign marketing strategies have the function of modifying the election of the electorate towards the proposal that you’re looking for. So, it has the power to change the balance in a significant electoral process.

There are three ways to achieve this: Focusing on the product, focusing on the sale and focusing on the market.

Political campaign marketing strategies that focuses on the product, tends to be more honest and purposeful.

The product, in this case, is the electoral platform, the message or proposal that they want to highlight and which one to vote; the party, the ideology or the politician it represents.

So, the focus on the product, tries to highlight the characteristics and advantages, for information of the people that will vote.

On the other hand, political campaign marketing strategies focused on sales is usually more assertive, but full of false and empty promises.

This way, the focus on the sale uses any resource, manipulation and deception in order to win the election. It is the equivalent of somebody selling a miraculous product at a fair.

Finally, the focus on the political campaign marketing strategies is about the satisfaction of voters, based on their opinions, tastes and ideologies that they handcuff.

This is not only applied when making an election, but as a measure of popularity once the elected government is established.

These analytical resources are used to know the success of the exposed policies, as well as to modify the course of action whenever it gave what it seeks to promote.

election marketing

Political campaign marketing strategies, not only allows to know the electorate and its response to the exposition of policies or platforms, but it also helps to spread a message.

In addition to this, allows to gain the sympathy and support of the group to which it is addressed, obtaining a competitive advantage in an electoral process.

It should be noted that political campaign marketing strategies can be applied in any decision-making process and not only in the political sphere. A person who wants to pass a proposal or obtain a majority in the school, union or labor field, can use this resource.

This tool, then, positions the person after his machination as a solid adversary, with full knowledge of his audience and with real chances of winning.

Learn more about Electoral Marketing through this video that tells you how to win an election using the political campaign marketing strategies:

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Political campaign marketing strategies – All about the benefits
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