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Yalo Chat | The WhatsApp Business ChatBot + AI that is changing digital messaging

whatsapp business bot

We all remember the horror stories when we needed to contact any customer service department of a company to make some kind of consultation, or requesting a service or filing a complaint that took a lot of time and steps. As a solution, Yalo Chat was born, driven by business ChatBots and artificial intelligence.

Long procedures, waiting hours on the phone and “press the next option” were some of the challenges we faced, but with the innovation of WhatsApp Business ChatBot from Yalo Chat, we can offer personalized and more efficient customer service.

The bots are an effective solution for simplifying customer service and automating processes to facilitate the work of sales agents.

What is a ChatBot?

A bot is a combination of processes and algorithms designed to mimic human behavior and perform tasks automatically.

How do ChatBots work?

Bots often work within other applications and its ability to provide information or support to the user depends on the degree of complexity and its development. 

Why do I need a ChatBot?

ChatBots are a source of Resource efficiency and better customer experience. They let you collect all the answers and important data you need 24/7 so the company can contact you without the need for constant human investment as a result.

What is WhatsApp Business?

It is a free downloadable application available for Android and iPhone, which has been specially developed for small and medium businesses.

Enhance customer service by messaging with Yalo Chat

Yalo Chat offers its customers the possibility to interact with their consumers through messaging applications to achieve a commercial conversation.

For example, through WhatsApp Business ChatBot, brands manage to communicate with the user, recognize their need and offer a personalized and instant solution. Also, If we consider the long waits to be attended by a person, this facilitates all processes.

Yalo Chat

Yalo Chat is responsible for helping larger companies improve customer relations. Clearly, it is the reason why Facebook and WhatsApp Business ChatBot, improve businesses’ performance and offer a better service.

Every time I want to remember why we are doing this at Yalo, I pick up the phone and call a call center, and that reminds me that we still have a lot of work to do.

Javier Mata – Yalochat CEO

These are the Top 3 reasons to use Yalo Chat

  1. Increase sales with personalized messages

    Build personalized relationships with customers on a great scale. You will increase both engagement and effectiveness.

  2. Best Remarketing Strategy

    Your message opening range for personalized messaging campaigns is 80%.

  3. Reduce costs with automation

    Minimize costs while improving conversion, increasing ROI.

Why is it necessary to have a ChatBot for Customer Service?

Even though WhatsApp Business ChatBot is a technology that has begun to gain attraction for a while, not all companies know the benefits it can offer your company. As a consequence, we’ve listed them below:

  • ChatBots allow you to socialize on platforms where your users are located. So WhatsApp and Facebook are the perfect options since today all people know and mostly move on these platforms.
  • Customers are increasingly demanding and want to be served as quickly as possible at any given time of the day. With a ChaBot, you can receive instant attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and serve your customers at any time without wasting time. 
  • It is the best way to serve thousands of clients simultaneously, whereas human resources would take a long time and you would also need a large staff to achieve it.
  • It allows you to reduce costs since a 24/7 service requires rotating shifts and a lot of training.
  • Your team can invest their time in other processes since you can reduce more than 40% of the time invested.
  • Customers want to feel unique, different and special. Indeed, with a Chatbot, you can create a personalized experience for your client as it is able to analyze historical customer data, chart its consumer profile and thus offer exclusive attention.
WhatsApp Business ChatBot

Why do we offer our customers Yalo Chat?

  1. Send and manage notifications. You do this with a simple configuration, which not only has a low cost but also offers you a free demo with which you can get to know the product.
  2. Automate frequently asked questions with AI. This will help you precede 90% of conversations and boost your customer satisfaction rates.
  3. Streamline your support service. This allows you to increase the efficiency of your company’s representative since only high-value conversations arrive because generic inquiries have already been answered.
  4. Create unique chat solutions. It generates distinctive interactions based on chat. So product design consulting and user experience makes it easy.

And if Yalo Chat does not convince you like the tool you need, we present a case of success for the company.

Aeromexico uses Yalo Chat as part of its strategy

Aeromexico announced a couple of years ago that its customer service platform via chat – which was already available on Facebook Messenger – would also start operating on WhatsApp. This made it the first airline in America to use the mobile instant messaging application in this way.

According to Brian Gross, Deputy Director of Digital Innovation at Aeromexico, “this new service allows passengers to receive answers to any question in a faster way, since it gives them access to the personal attention of the customer service team, in addition to providing automated responses at the moment ”.

In an interview with Tec Review, Javier Mata, founder, and CEO of Yalo recalled that it was approximately three years ago that WhatsApp contacted the startup and Aeromexico to start developing this service.

He added that the process was quite fast since the firm already had the entire CCRM platform (Conversational Customer Relationship Management or Conversational Management of Customer Relations) previously used by Yalo for web chats, Facebook Messenger and Twitter that offer automated responses and communication with agents.

“It was a matter of two days because we already had it ready. (WhatsApp) was very surprised, since other teams had spent months on it,̈  he said. The biggest challenge that Yalo’s team faced during this process – Mata added – was to change the entire architecture in the data part.

“Whatsapp is very careful to maintain the point-to-point encryption, that is, that the information never comes out of the clients’ servers and also those of Whastapp. What we had to do to achieve this was to recreate this system (…) however, this allows us to offer greater security, ”commented the CEO of Yalo.

In addition to this advantage, Javier Mata stressed that WhatsApp has a fairly active audience, which makes it even more attractive to customers compared to other services. “While Facebook Messenger, for example, is very popular, WhatsApp is the most used application for personal conversations in Latin America, so its relevance is greater,” he explained.

The Aeroméxico customer service system via chat, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allows you to request a flight quote and reserve it in natural language to answer questions like ‘How many pieces of luggage can I document? ? ‘ or ‘How can I take my pet with me?’

In addition, it offers you the option of receiving notifications before and after your trip with departure times and assigned a room, for example, and even check-in and downloads your boarding pass without leaving the application.

As if this were not enough, “you decide what type of communication you want to receive, that is, you can tell Aeromexico that you only want notifications and not support, for example. Thus, you can further personalize the service, ”said Javier Mata.

Yalo Chat was part of LDM Kore AI Hub

The company was present at the most important Artificial Intelligence event in the region organized by LDM where the most recognized companies presented the new technologies in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Here we leave you a summary of the presentation:

*Remember to turn on the English subtitles

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and get the best result from your customer service, it’s time to implement bots with Yalo Chat and at LDM we can offer you all its services!

If you want to quote and get more information about Yalo Chat for your company, you can do it here:

We are ready to implement Performance Digital Marketing strategies to offer you the best results. Because the only way to change the future is to create it …

Yalo Chat | The WhatsApp Business ChatBot + AI that is changing digital messaging
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