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12 May 2023
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Digital experiences for your customer journey

Digital experiences have become a key factor in the customer journey of generation Z and millennials. We know that technology is part of their daily lives, and has become indispensable in their consumption habits, so understanding their needs and expectations in their shopping moments is essential.

Offering digital experiences through immersive strategies can connect more with audiences and improve CX in the “Big Data” era. It’s not just about adopting trendy tools, we have to consider our audience in order to successfully engage with them.

From creating apps, to implementing chatbots and personalizing content, meeting customers’ digital expectations can increase loyalty and sales. And this can be applied at every touchpoint with brands.

Thinking about experiences before, during and after consumption is key. 

  • Before: This moment is crucial for the purchase decision, among thousands of options in the market, the experience we give customers can define whether they choose to buy or not. From an intuitive and easy to navigate website we can impact that decision.
  • During: In the buying process, new generations are excited by experiences that make them believe that they are designed by and for them. They value ease of use, security and speed in the checkout process. 
  • After: The post-purchase digital experience can be critical to fostering consumer loyalty and engagement. Discounts, loyalty programs or unique experiences when receiving your products are some examples of how we can make consumers feel motivated to buy again in the future.

We can benefit from tools such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality to create unique customer experiences. With AI, data analytics can provide valuable insights into customer behavior patterns and preferences, so we can personalize communication and content, enabling greater interaction and satisfaction.

In addition, VR allows us to offer more immersive experiences, either through a virtual fitting room or the simulation of a product in a specific space such as a bedroom.

We can also take advantage of having allies such as Snapchat and TikTok to connect with the audience, these platforms offer various tools, such as filters and personalized ads, which makes them an ideal communication channel to connect with markets according to their interests.

Key points to consider for different channels:

  • Personalization: With AI and machine learning we can analyze customer behavior and offer personalized product and service recommendations. 
  • Interaction: With AR we can allow customers to interact with a product virtually before buying it.
  • Omnichannel: We can improve CX by integrating different sales channels; allowing to browse online, buy in the physical store and make returns and exchanges online. 

“Investing in digital experiences is a great opportunity to merge and connect the different points the user journey with brand storytelling and use the resources previously created to amplify and continue the discourse that the brand has generated, but applied to the moment of consumption; a space that is generally considered too ‘hardsell’ or cold to the marketing eye. It’s an intimate opportunity to sell or close a sale.”  

Nelos Cisneros | Design Experience Leader

Some tools/platforms for DX:

  1. Synthesia: AI video creation platform.
  2. Runway: multimodal AI platform that can generate videos with text, images or video clips.
  3. Midjourney: text to image image generator.
  4. BLACKBOX: AI-powered coding assistant.
  5. ChatGPT4: the new version of this popular chatbot.
  6. Snap AR Lens Studio: app to create AR experiences for millions of Snapchat users.

Digital experiences can be a key factor to differentiate us from the competition and increase CLV. We have the opportunity to create emotions at the moment of purchase that impact our audience’s decisions and foster their loyalty. Remember that there are tools accessible to each company according to its strategic plan and resources.

In an increasingly competitive market, evolve your customer journey with digital experiences!

Ready to evolve every touch point with your audiences?

Contact us and take your customer journey to the next level! 

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Alberto Alvarez
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