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This is the world’s most advanced AI Audience Optimization Software

Software Campañas Digitales

In a world where we need to streamline and automate processes, comes Audience Optimization Software for the best option. Particularly, it is the reason why we should seek out agencies that are able to offer us all the tools we need, in the same software.

Artificial Intelligence allows us to recognize patterns and optimize processes. It has directly influenced and helped modern technology and brands that fail to adapt to lose relevance.

Currently, as listed on the Fortune 500 of the 1950s,  90% of the companies listed have disappeared. Only 10% of businesses have taken advantage of marketing automation to survive.

What is a Digital Campaign?

It refers to the set of strategies that are planned to impact a specific target. In addition, it seeks to generate an action from the users and achieve the established objectives.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

It is a set of systems that allows processes to occur with fewer resources, in less time and with minimal human intervention. This technology includes learning patterns, reasoning and the optimization of both.

What does Audience Optimization mean?

This is a strategy to reach and engage audiences and better understand the interests of users.

Artificial Intelligence applied to Digital Campaigns is possible with Adext AI

Adext AI Audience Optimization Software

Adex AI is the creator of an automated artificial intelligence model and machine learning for digital campaigns. It’s the best way to work because it allows you to save time and money while satisfying your customers at the lowest cost. 

Adext Audience Optimization Software

Working with ad campaigns on Facebook and Google may require constant improvements and optimizations in real-time, all of which are possible with Adext AI.

This Audience Optimization Software does not need to be manipulated daily and definitely does not need to be checked for results since only the strategies are what need to be configured. That means that the system is responsible for achieving the proposed objectives, which can reduce at least 4 hours of daily work in digital campaigns.

Our goal is to help as many SMEs as possible to increase their sales. People mistakenly fear the rise of artificial intelligence (AI).

AI is better than humans in many ways, such as numbers and data tasks, business intelligence, and repetitive and mechanical tasks such as media planning. Nevertheless, people are much better at creative and strategic tasks.

It’s not about whether AI will replace humans or not, the point is to know what we do best and focus on that.

Daniel Molano – Adext AI’s CEO

Top 5 benefits that Adext offers to your company

When using an Audience Optimization Software for digital campaigns, it is important to use the one that can offer the most benefits with less time investment. 
Here we present the Top 5 Benefits that Adext AI can offer you:

  1. Measurement with absolute precision

    Campaigns can be measured at every step, which is why the result will always be accurate.

  2. Get the best audience

    Part of their process when using Artificial Intelligence involves measuring thousands of niches, which allows them to determine the best audience.

  3. Replicate your campaigns in different audiences

    In tenths of a second, a process that would take days manually manages to create hundreds of audiences for the same ad.

  4. Optimize your campaigns 480 times a day

    Ensuring that your results are optimal since it is in constant analysis and improvement.

  5. Predict better hours to convert

    Your best audience in a given day and time, but not necessarily the best audience the following week. That’s why Adext AI analyzes the best audiences multiple times a day.

What is an Audience Optimization Software for?

Adext audience optimization

We are in a digital age where our digital marketing strategies must be linked to the result we want to obtain. Now that we are able to predict what we can achieve before making the investment, we need the results to be the best.

As we reflect on that research, we find automation processes that can be executed and improved when we have software specialized in Audience Optimization.

What does Adext AI offer its customers?

With Adext AI you only need to connect and automate, without a doubt you will be increasing your conversions by 100%!

Companies must establish the KPIs they want to work with. An interesting fact is that Adext doesn’t charge its customers unless 100% of the goal is reached in each campaign.

Just 5 minutes of a free trial is able to demonstrate everything the software can do in real-time. Among the main benefits we can highlight are:

  • Autonomous improvement of customer performance at great scale.
  • Better performance and greater customer retention.
  • Campaign management efficiency with higher margins.

At LDM we offer Adext AI services to optimize campaigns

At Latam Digital Marketing we are focused on Result Marketing, which is why our fundamental goal is to offer our clients the best result. Moreover, we reach that goal in your digital campaigns and strive to obtain the best performance through constant optimization.

When we use Adext AI with our clients, these are some of the results we achieve:

  • Minimize the cost of conversion between 30% and 50% in digital media.
  • Optimize campaign results automatically.
  • Offer our clients a personalized results dashboard for each digital campaign.

 Adext AI Success Stories of using Audience Optimization Software

Even if the company does not reveal its sources for the privacy of its customers, it does present some of the results obtained through its Digital Campaign Software. For example:

  1. With a car sales company, they achieved an increase in conversions in lead generation of 143%. These refer to E-commerce transactions. 
  2. They achieved an increase of 89% in conversions through a Lead Generation campaign for a company selling televisions and cell phones.
  3. For a retail convenience store, that has 10,000 points of sale, Adext AI achieved more than 1,368 % increase in the offline conversion on point sales. 
  4. A digital travel agency benefited from a 61% increase in sales. Their result was directly measured in the number of sales they achieved.

It is important to note that this is achieved without human intervention and apart from the fact that Adext AI does not charge its customers if it does not reach all the proposed KPIs.

Adext AI participates in LDM Kore AI Hub

The startup was present at the most important Artificial Intelligence events in the region organized by LDM where the most renowned companies presented new Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence uses. Here we present a summary of his presentation:

*This video is Spanish, you’ll need to turn on your subtitles

Finally, If you are ready to take your business to the next level and want to get the best result from your digital campaigns, Adext AI is the perfect option for you and at LDM we can offer you all its services.

If you’ll like more info and pricing for Adext AI for your brand or business, click here:

We are ready to implement Performance Digital Marketing strategies to offer you the best results. The only way to change the future is to create it …

This is the world’s most advanced AI Audience Optimization Software
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