Omni Channel Marketing Software | Measuring the offline world for your digital campaign is possible

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Omni Channel Marketing Software | Measuring the offline world for your digital campaign is possible

Moment Marketing

When it comes to campaign investments, it is necessary to get the most out of every dollar you invest. And if you work with a multichannel strategy, it is important to know your results on all platforms (radio, digital TV, ads, etc.). That’s when Decidata becomes your best ally, especially if you do Moment Marketing.

Because even when your strategy is adapted to each medium, it is necessary to be able to measure the efforts in all contexts. With Decidata we are truly able to understand if our omnichannel strategy is working.

One of the benefits of taking advantage of that “Moment Marketing” is its implementation in programmatic purchases, as well as Digital TV. Therefore, our investment in boosts will have the best result if we can measure and optimize.

Moment Marketing is the ability to take advantage of an event to generate a real-time interaction with customers on short occasions, which is relevant, related and seems spontaneous.

William Grobel, Senior Manager, Deloitte Digital. Toolkit 2016; Moment Marketing

Moment Marketing bases its strategy on 3 pillars to get the right message, the right consumer and also the right time to show your product or service. That’s why we must seize the perfect moment to reach the right target.

What is Moment Marketing?

It’s a strategy that allows you to connect with the right consumer at the right time. It lets you highlight your brand in the perfect moment.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

This refers to the automatic purchase of advertising spaces through auctions. Through the programmatic algorithm, the user information and the marketing strategies of the company are combined to offer personalized advertising for each user.

What is digital TV?

This refers to the set of image and sound transmission and reception technologies through digital signals.

What is AI Performance?

It is artificial intelligence technology that allows you to obtain performance results in all your marketing campaigns.

For this reason, when we need to make programmatic purchases for digital platforms, it is important to use the one that offers you the best tools, and through LDM you can apply it to your strategy.

Decidata Tv

Decidata is a technology company for media and marketing. It was founded two years ago and it develops technological solutions for brands and marketing agencies that allow the synchronization of television advertising with digital and launch targeted campaigns towards specific segments of the population.

Television in Mexico is not dead. Rather, it is in the process of digitizing its content and the way in which advertising is purchased.

Jean Mathieu Grappe – Co-founder of Decidata

The origin of the data that Decidata uses to power Artificial Intelligence algorithms comes from servers that collect through an antenna all the signals of IP television, satellite, and open television. They also gather the information through devices that pay-TV operators provide to their users to offer their services. As a result, they know exactly what each user is seeing at every moment of the day.

Get Performance Results through Moment Marketing with Decidata tv

Thanks to Performance AI, its Moment Marketing platform based on Artificial Intelligence achieves guaranteed performance results while maintaining scope and budget objectives.

  • Operator Solutions

They work hand in hand with TV operators, channels and broadcasters to help them achieve a higher ROI. This is achieved with real-time monitoring and monetization of content.

  • Advertiser Solutions

Discover how Artificial Intelligence, Moment Marketing, and Real-time Attribution can improve your digital campaigns and the efficiency of your offline ads.

omni channel marketing software

Get to know the Top 3 benefits you get with Decidata tv

  1. Due to their offline monitoring technology, they are able to recognize and analyze content and commercials on the air on TV and radio platforms. 

  2. They allow advertisers to compare, buy, control and optimize each marketing campaign on any screen. 

  3. They offer premium inventory to media owners easily on all screens thanks to their content monitoring and our tools. This helps optimize the workflow, making it easier for brands and agencies to maximize their media investment.

omni channel marketing analytics

How does Decidata accomplish all this?

Its monitoring and advertising platform does everything mentioned above as follows:

  1. Launch your campaigns
  2. Monitor your inventory
  3. Analyze your competition
  4. Optimize your ROI

Also, a great advantage is that they provide you with reports and recommendations in real-time so you can optimize your results online and offline. All these services are available to us.

Get to know additional benefits of Decidata

  • Paid online and offline campaign data analysis.
  • Budget management, guides, and performance powered by its Artificial Intelligence developed by experts in the programmatic purchase, strategy, and analysis.
  • Optimization for higher conversions. A / B testing, performance campaigns, etc.
  • Access to direct and indirect key metrics. This is achieved through monitoring user behavior (impressions, views, CPM, CPV, CTR, CPC, VTR, CPL, etc.).
  • Cross-channel to reach your audience through different screens and devices.

In LDM we offer Decidata as part of our services

In Latam Digital Marketing we are the # 1 agency in Marketing Performance, that is why we always need to offer the best results to our clients. And Decidata has helped us offer this to the different brands we work with.

Likewise, when working with offline and online processes, it’s important to have the right tools to offer omnichannel strategies to our clients. Because the offline measurement is not normally possible, Decidata becomes an important ally for these cases.

Each person has steps or points of contact that a person goes through before making their purchase. Probably, it is necessary to investigate the means to know where our clients and potential clients move and thus achieve better results.

Decidata Success Story: Hot Sale 2018

During 2018 Decidata executed several campaigns for a Hot Sale, including one with the TV Attribution product. Certainly, this platform allowed conversions measurement generated by TV commercials on the brand’s website and thus, analyze which channels, schedules, days and creatives generated more interactions.

What were the results of the 2018 Hot Sale?

  • More than 360 brands participated during the 2018 Hot Sale
  • The average purchase was $ 1394.81 MXN.
  • The participating brands reached $ 8,557 million MXN in sales.
  • Consumers spent up to 35% more for each purchase made.
Hot Sale Mexico

Decidata was part of LDM Kore AI HUB

The startup was present at the most important Artificial Intelligence Event in the region organized by LDM where the most recognized companies presented the new Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Here we present a summary of this presentation:

*Remember to turn on captions in English

So, if you are prepared to take your company to the next level and get the best result from your digital campaigns, Decidata tv is the perfect tool for you, and in LDM we can offer you all its services.

If you want to get a quote and get more information about Decidata tv for your brand or company, you can do it here:

If you want to learn more about Digital Marketing, don’t you miss our section!

We are ready to implement Performance Digital Marketing strategies to offer you the best results. Because the only way to change the future is to create it …

Omni Channel Marketing Software | Measuring the offline world for your digital campaign is possible
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