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Integrate SEO and PPC for an effective marketing campaign


Previously we have analyzed the benefits of SEO and PPC. Not that one is better than the other if we separate them, the question now really is:

How to integrate SEO and PPC properly for your brand?

The two integrate very well to drive search success. It’s not always just SEO versus PPC/SEM; each channel can complement the other when used correctly. And when your budget allows you to use both, do it! 

It’s a strategy that helps balance short- and long-term benefits.

In this space we share with you some recommendations to be able to leverage the efforts of both and get the best results from your campaigns:

  • Allocate SEM budget using SEO information: analyze keyword research to understand where it underperforms and optimize your investment.  Gain a deeper understanding of your target audience’s searches.
  • Strengthen content strategy with SEM performance data: identify the most valuable paid terms and collaborate with the content team to incorporate high-value keywords.
  • Build competitive research using a PPC and SEO strategy: get to know your direct competitors better and segment them by clusters. Detect their keyword strengths and weaknesses to leverage your strategy. 
  • Incorporate SEO best practices and insights when creating PPC campaigns: avoid self-cannibalization and sabotage with other brands in the company, and improve the technical health of your website. 
  • Connect communication and collaboration between internal teams, this helps to have the full picture and performance monitoring of both strategies: Performance and SEO. 

In summary, integrating SEO and PPC is a powerful strategy that can help you maximize the reach, effectiveness and ROI of your marketing campaign. By utilizing the information and tactics from both strategies, you can improve your understanding of your target audience, optimize your conversions and increase your brand visibility.

It is also important to remember that, while integrating SEO and PPC is a powerful strategy, it requires time, effort and resources to implement correctly. It is necessary to coordinate keyword strategy, create relevant content and ads, and optimize the technical structure of the website for both channels. 

Therefore, it is important to have a solid plan and working with an experienced team like LDM can make a big difference in the success of your business’s SEO strategy. By choosing a trusted partner that has the expertise and is committed to long-term results, you can be confident that your SEO investment will produce the results you’re looking for.

Contact us and take your brand to the next level! 

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Alberto Alvarez
Alberto Alvarez
CEO - Fundador
After working for almost a decade in marketing in Procter & Gamble, Alberto envisions the power of changes in the digital era and decides to focus in the entrepreneurship world in Latam. In 2012 he founds his first start-up, gogetit.com.pa, changing the way to engage with real estate in the region. Alberto served as Marketing VP for Agora Technologies at Silicon Valley, a company finance by Guy Kawasaki & Nolan Bushnell, where he developed the main concept of Startup Icon. Today, Alberto is the CEO of the holding company that conforms Latam Digital Marketing, Gogetit.com and its subsidiaries in Latin America.
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