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30 Jul 2019
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From macro to microinfluencers

from macro to microinfluencers

Having a conversation about a comprehensive digital marketing strategy certainly has to touch the point of using this niche influencer figure, well known as microinfluencer.

For 5 years, influencers have been talked about and how they changed the online conversion process. However, everything mainstream ends up getting tired and few macroinfluencers have been able to maintain their credibility with digital audiences that are more demanding and less impulsive when buying.

Let us explain a little more in depth what is a microinfluencer as terminology of one of the key pillars of today’s digital marketing, Influencer Marketing.

Who are they?

Every active social media user, is known as microinfluencer who, through the generation of authentic and valuable content, has gained his own community of approximately 5,000 to 100,000 followers. Generally, they stand out within a specific niche and tend to touch very specific topics, unlike macroinfluencers. For example, a microinfluencer can be a health coach who only talks about sports and nutrition.

While their communities are smaller, they are more active and are constantly interacting with the content because, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, the audience follows the content because they are genuinely and especially interested in it.

How to perform a Microinfluencer Marketing strategy?

If you are sure that you should use a microinfluencer (or several) for the development of your digital marketing strategy, there are some points that you should consider to take full advantage of this trend.

from macro to micro influencers

  • Define your audience

Not only is it enough to describe your ideal person, you really need to be very clear today who interacts with your brand, how they are, what tastes they have, how their personality is, etc. By knowing these points, you will know more precisely what kind of person they could connect more organically with.

  • Choose the microinfluencer

Before approaching them, you must perform a monitoring task. It previously analyzes what content it shares, how it interacts with its followers, if the number of followers it makes sense with the amount of interactions it has, etc. After having done this monitoring and evaluation, it’s time to really ask yourself if this person is compatible with your brand values.

  • Choose the digital channels

Each social media platform brings different benefits. Not all behave the same. Your microinfluencers strategy should be directed to the platforms where your audience moves the most. However, the trend indicates that these micro-influencers have found their place in the world of Instagram, and it is not surprising, since most of them and their followers belong to the aforementioned millennials. This doesn’t mean that you cannot transfer your strategy to other social media platforms. Consider that such a strategy also requires management and organization.

  • Content remains and will remain king

Content is the basis of everything, especially when we talk about influencers marketing. Keeping up with trends is vital, so you can reinforce and direct the efforts of your microinfluencer. For example, a study conducted by LaunchMetrics, showed that video content such as Instagram Stories and Facebook Live, are the ones that have the best performance if your goal is to create more emotional connections with your audience.

  • Don’t forget your audience

Analyze the responses or actions that your audience is having before the content created by your microinfluencers. This will help you to know what is connecting better with them and will help you to potentiate that type of content or format. In the same way, it will give you clarity of what you shouldn’t do and so you can make adjustments as needed.

What are the advantages of working with microinfluencers?

from macro to microinfluencers

  • Contextualized Advertising

    They usually share their day-to-day activities, including the products and services they like, sharing their passion in the form of careful but extremely natural content.

  • They have receptive audiences.

    The digital communities that follow them, expect valuable content or information that gives added value to the interests they have in common. As a result, they are always interested and receptive to the content that microinfluencers generate, as they are their trust.

  • The conversation begins where the consumer is.

For many people, the key to the success of marketing strategies with microinfluencers is interesting because of their proximity to the consumer. Closeness because they themselves are potential users, which inspire empathy.

If at this point you are wondering how you can apply all of the above mentioned in a real case, take as an example that last year, on the International Coffee Day for Colcafé, they looked for those people who had, either spontaneously interacted with the brand or had generated positive content around coffee and brand values ​​(consent, #tiempoparati, moment of enjoyment with coffee)

Profiles were selected that had a considerable percentage of engagement for their micro-audience, a product kit was sent to their home or office without expecting anything in return, simply with a note that said “If we give you a delicious #TiempoParaTi share it with your friends”. All the people who received the kit, published content in their stories labeling the brand, using the hashtag and with very positive messages regarding the initiative.

Empathy and fidelity is what these types of strategies with microinfluencers have as a result. Approaching the brand and making it human, appealing to the needs of specific market niches, is what brands should bet on. As a marketing strategy, a good job of listening is simply required, because the product is already yours.

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