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What is Digital Marketing Automation?

digital marketing automation

Have you ever heard about Digital Marketing Automation? Surely it seems a distant term and you probably don’t need to know, but if you are a fan of the Inbound methodology, you are most likely to use this tool day after day, to carry out multiple successful marketing campaigns, and generate the desired sales.

74% of companies that use Digital Marketing Automation confess that this powerful tool helps them optimize time.

How does Digital Marketing Automation start?

Digital Marketing Automation starts from the moment when we attract traffic, until we generate the desired conversions with the new leads that we capture through the Internet and other media and channels.

The potential of this tool is that once this “machine” is configured, there is no need for human intervention during the conversion process, because all emails, notifications and actions, are automatically executed with automation software.

This way, we can also focus our efforts on attracting new customers that will feed the “machine”.

what is marketing automation

Why should we bet on Digital Marketing Automation?

Digital Marketing Automation saves us a lot of time, but above all, it allows us to do more customized marketing and, therefore, more effective.

According to Adestra, 74% of companies that use Digital Marketing Automation for their strategies and campaigns, confess that the main advantage of this powerful tool is the ability to optimize time.

The use of Digital Marketing Automation makes the processes that otherwise would have been done manually, are much more efficient and controlled over time, and also be able to perform some cascading processes that would be impossible to perform manually.

This means that using specific software, you can perform all actions that your company contemplates within the set of sales in a systematic way, improving the processes and effectiveness of each activity.

Advantages of Digital Marketing Automation

We have 5 important advantages that will provide you with the quality and security you need to run your Inbound Campaigns successfully.

  • Enrich the sales process

This is the number one benefit, because for you, the sales process can probably become cumbersome and annoying. However, through Digital Marketing Automation, you can acquire more detailed information about your leads and potential clients, to create a space for communication with them, where you can attend them directly.

This type of tools allows you to establish a nutrition of leads, where, for example, once the lead subscribes to the newsletter, you can send customized messages automatically, and then begin to initiate the dialogue to connect with your audience without delays.

On the other hand, you can compose the Lead Scoring or the Leads Qualification where you evaluate at what stage of the Sales Funnel the lead is located, so that you can be with the user until the whole process is completed and the sale is finished.

  • Segment the target customer

Yes, as we explained in benefit number 1, Digital Marketing Automation helps you solve the constant intrigue about your target audience. So, when revealing the mystery, you can know what stage it is in, and how you route it to the end point so that it approaches you, knows you and decides to make the purchase.

It is not necessary to manually separate each lead that arrives, because through the automation software you receive the essential data to automatically classify and segment each user. Also, you prepare those who are not yet ready to make a decision, and who need more time to meet you.

Without a doubt, you have the advantage of falling in love and loyalty with each campaign, strategy and content.

  • Reduce costs

This is the most dreamed phrase by any marketer! Because we are going to be honest, we know that in marketing any mistake costs very expensive, that’s why Digital Marketing Automation helps you reduce the margin of error to the maximum and with this the expenses that entails.

Nucleus Research indicates that Marketing Automation can lead to a 14.5% increase in sales production, and reduce up to 12.2% in overhead of other marketing processes.

Digital Marketing Automation is an excellent solution!

In short, you can improve each of the processes that are carried out in each of your departments with Marketing Automation.

This is why this type of tools can make your life much easier in terms of working on strategies and meeting the objectives.

Also, it’s good to keep in mind that with Marketing Automation, you can rate new and better leads for your brand.

Are you ready for Marketing Automation? Learn more about everything you can do for your company or venture.

As a Performance Agency, we work to take your brand to the next level. Contact us!

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