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The Region’s Most Important Artificial Intelligence Event of the Year is Here!

evento inteligencia artificial

Next Thursday,  July 11, LDM will host the most exclusive event of AI and Machine Learning of the region. That’s why the most important startups and companies were invited to present the digital transformation of the new era alongside Latam Digital Marketing.

During this session, there will be up to 50 well-known companies that support the successful economies of our region and they will be participating in an information session that aims to accelerate digital processes and access to the Artificial Intelligence era in an efficient and expedite way.


Eventos Inteligencia Artificial Mexico

Even though this is an exclusive event, if you are interested in AI and other related topics, you can register in our form below to receive all the highlights of this internationally recognized event. You won’t want to miss this!

Register here!

This is an AI event organized by Latam Digital Marketing in partnership with Tony Rallo. Tony is the co-founder of Kio Networks, the first Mexican unicorn, and the leader of one of the most active investment funds for the development of AI startups in Mexico and Silicon Valley.

Therefore, the CEO’s and founders of some of the most important AI and Machine Learning companies will be sharing technologies applied to digital performance. These are some of the companies that will be attending:


Through its Machine Learning models, Adext runs thousands of simulations to discover the best-performing audience and automatically updates your ad’s budget with amazing results from 30% up to 500% uplift, so you’ll no longer waste money in learnings.

Currently, Adext AI’s main platform is in Open Beta, and won’t charge any fees for its use. Adext does not collect any of your advertising spend.

You’ll pay for your campaigns directly on the advertising account of the platform you’ve connected to Adext AI (e.g. Google or Facebook).

The budget you’ve selected in Adext AI will be intelligently managed and paid for in your advertising account through the payment method you previously defined in that platform.


Thanks to PerformanceAI, their Moment Marketing platform based on Artificial Intelligence, they achieve predictable and guaranteed results and performance while respecting reach and budget targets.

They work hand-in-hand with TV operators, channels and broadcasters in order to help them reach a higher ROI with real-time content monitoring and monetization.

Discover how Artificial Intelligence, Moment Marketing, and real-time Attribution can enhance your digital campaigns and the efficiency of your offline ads.

Hero Guest

They transform your traditional training materials into easy-to-understand, gamified content designed to improve your staff and customer experience. Also, they integrate your supervision and provide visibility of the status of your stores and staff.

Based on P-Mix they create quarterly courses with suggestive selling strategies designed to increase average check, move inventories and reduce COGS. And to ensure your restaurant experience with our built-in GEM tool.

Through a survey, supervision and social media data they identify your brand’s pain points and create new content for your staff to improve them.

id 345

A “club of angel investors” company specializing in early-stage investments in software-scalable-platforms, with a focus on key technologies such as machine learning among others.

Karma Pulse

Listen, measure and understand social media conversations

Use filters, segments, and classifiers to analyze your social network profiles as well as those of the competition, listen and understand what your customers think in real time.

A suite of products for listening, analyzing and engaging. Their products are boosted with real-time artificial intelligence which specializes in the understanding of social media conversations in the Spanish-speaking market.


YALO mexico


Increase sales and get to know your customers better by engaging through WhatsApp. You can build personalized customer relationships at scale. You’ll increase both engagement and effectiveness.

Enable WhatsApp as a communication and support channel between your salesforce and store-owners, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

This major event will be held on Thursday, July 11 at the Kio Zentrum building located in Avenida Santa Fe #495, Lomas de Santa Fe, CDMX México. This event is organized by Latam Digital Marketing and its founders.

Do you want to know more about AI and Machine Learning? Visit our website, well-known as the best Digital Performance Marketing Agency in Latam.

The Region’s Most Important Artificial Intelligence Event of the Year is Here!
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