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Google Marketing Live 2019 | Trends that will change the digital world for 2019

Google Marketing Live 2019

Around the world, Google is associated with +55,000 companies, +100 world partners and 12 of them only in Latin America in the area of ​​SALES CHANNEL, all eager to be part of the Google Marketing Live experience.

For this world-class event, the Latam Digital Marketing team was invited by Google HQ to San Francisco to share with more than 5,000 marketers who attended the Google Marketing Live 2019. Our team was integrated by six directors, becoming the delegation with more people participating in a world event.

Google Marketing Live 2019

What is Google Marketing Live 2019?

The event of this technology magnate shows advances in Machine Learning, Omnichannel, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence. On this occasion, attendees enjoyed two days of experiences and knowledge, as well as networking with companies from around the world.

The first day was a presentation by several speakers about the innovation that Google brings in its Ads platform and the new perspectives on how to do Marketing. One of the most outstanding topics was to be present as experts in the use of all technologies, to be one step ahead of what customers expect. Another important issue was determining the position of each one in the digital world, and deciding between being disruptors (capable of creating a trend and impacting the market) or being affected by what others do.

On the second day in Google Marketing Live 2019, was organized a Sandbox for their different platforms. In this segment, attendees had the opportunity to interact with the developers of each of the Google applications. That’s why our team didn’t miss the opportunity to generate networking and got to know how were other companies in the same branch.

The LDM Experience in Google Marketing Live 2019

For Latam Digital Marketing as a Performance Agency, we feel so proud to share with people from many countries. Also, to realize what we have achieved and how we position ourselves compared to other agencies.

Two of our pillars are Automation and Machine Learning, which we have been working on for more than two years. So, while many companies are just beginning, we are already one step ahead and it is part of our long-term vision hand in hand with Google’s goals.

All Google products use Artificial Intelligence to be more effective and optimize, which a human couldn’t do so fast.

This is why we consider that Machine Learning is the future of digital marketing because data is what allows us to really know the patterns of consumers. And this is aligned to our business vision as a Martech company, where technology and marketing combine to generate performance.

The Highlighted Launches of the Event

  • In terms of Omnichannel, its two major releases for this year are boosting shopping from the image, making easy the user’s experience. And on the other hand, the connection between the off and online world, offering the opportunity to buy on web pages or from the retailers closest to the user.
  • The buyer journey, as a strategic focus, is no longer a linear process. We need to analyze the data that the performance offers us, and determine at what point of the chain is located our potential client.

Google Marketing Live Conference


Google, Anticipation for Success

With progress in Artificial Intelligence, the greatest opportunities for brands are to anticipate the needs of consumers and satisfy them at the moment. That’s why, Allan Thygesen, President of the Americas at Google, during his presentation at Marketing Live 2019, spoke about the shopping experience. Besides, how people have taken control of their purchases, and no longer refers only to the best product, or at the best price. On the opposite, everything the brand is willing to offer and the platforms on which it is exposed.

Conclusions of Google Marketing Live 2019

  • Discovery Ads offers advertisers the ability to reach users within the Youtube Discovery Feed and Gmail. The format of this type of ads involves people as they consume content. In addition, it offers advertisers the ability to drive action through these platforms.
  • In Gallery Ads, gallery ads will be scrollable, in the same way as carousel ads on Facebook and Instagram. This will allow brands to work on more creative proposals and influence the purchasing decisions of customers.
  • Bumper Machine: Even though this tool has not been released to the market, it will allow brands to make 6-second fragments of videos as advertisements. In 2019, average adults will spend 86 minutes per day consuming digital video content. ” (EMarketer Digital Video Viewers, USA) This is why Bumper Machine, will become the tool to generate ads taken from videos of up to 90 seconds. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, advertisers will no longer have to make their own ads.
  • Showcase Shopping Ads on YouTube, where the video playback platform becomes a marketing platform with ads. In addition to this, it seeks to involve users with the content they consume. And capture potential customers to help break down silos in marketing.
  • Optimization in KPI Campaigns, thanks to internal process automation and marketing. Because Google points to more optimized processes with less human intervention.

    At LDM, we are constantly searching for new technologies that help our clients’ growth and events like this, allow us to be one step ahead of everything Google brings to the digital world.

    We are the most important Performance Agency for Google in the region, based on our results for our clients. If you want exponential growth in your company, then let’s talk about your next digital strategy!

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