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Why innovate in Digital Marketing and Business Intelligence?

LDM Marketing Digital Business Intelligence
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The hyperconnected world has placed digital marketing as one of the main pillars to create synergy between brands and consumers. 

At LDM we know that the integration of digital strategies is a vital investment that elevates your positioning through innovative proposals and maximizes technology to connect with the reality of Latino audiences and their environment.

With constant change, the challenges remain great and in this space we will talk about the benefits that a company generates by investing in innovation in Digital Marketing and AdTech. 

Investing in Digital Marketing and Business Intelligence

The current need for companies lies in designing campaigns and communication not only massive, but that connect with a day-to-day situation for different profiles of buyers; same that are increasingly complex in their interests. 

LDM Marketing digital y business intelligence

For this, each touchpoint with users must be strategically created to live a relevant digital experience that drives purchases and, in the long term, brand loyalty. 

Once a thorough diagnosis of the current situation of each platform is done, it is time to set goals and understand what will be achieved with each of them:

Acquire new technologies

Innovating is more than a strategy, it is a guarantee for the future of your brand, due to the context that is increasingly developing in the digital world, and that generating competitiveness is more complicated, which makes brands are motivated to be increasingly disruptive in their innovations and that this is reflected in:

  • Improvements in business productivity
  • Proximity to users
  • Competitiveness in the market
  •  Tangible growth results
LDM Marketing digital y business intelligence

And, to integrate a special budget for this item, at LDM we recommend that the annual amount, for the implementation of digital marketing, should be 10% to 15% to be allocated to new strategies focused on innovation in the face of a constantly evolving digital ecosystem. 

What to invest in in 2023?

Investing in innovation focused on marketing and Business Intelligence has allowed our clients’ brands to improve their relationships with their audiences and even operate more effectively.

In this way, we have developed innovative business models such as DBUs (Digital Boost Units) that, in addition to modifying the existing market, allow the construction of new audiences.

LDM Marketing digital y business intelligence

Digital Boost Units for regional brands

The current digital acceleration should be understood as the possibility for brands to position their messages or products in a more intelligent and integrated way. With a high performance operation you will be able to turn around the following:

1. Higher costs when adopting new strategies at a later time. 

2. Cost-time: learning curve and talent training.

3. Low levels of optimization and performance, resulting in not being in the Top of Mind of current consumers.

4. Reduced growth and sales.

5. Talent drain due to lack of challenges and delay in trend adaptation.

LDM Marketing digital y business intelligence

With this effective and high-performance operating model, we at LDM have built great success stories with our customers.

In 2022 we had 29% savings for the client vs. 12% last year. Not only do the clients get savings, but it is progressive by overcoming learning limits and the team becoming entrenched in the internal processes of the brand.

It integrates a specialized and interdisciplinary team that works in synergy with the entire Marketing area (Account Manager, Digital experience design, Business Intelligence & Reporting, SEO technical, SEO content, Social Media Strategist, Technical Managers, etc.).

Digital Boost Units provide big brands with the acquisition of new technologies, new practices and solutions to execute complex digital marketing strategies.

Contact us and take your brand to the next level! 

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