Political digital marketing | How to win an election thanks to internet

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Political digital marketing | How to win an election thanks to internet

political digital marketing

Digital marketing plays a fundamental factor in society, and politics is no exception to that. That’s why so many candidates advocate Political Digital Marketing.

political digital marketing

For more than a decade, digital scenarios became the best communication and relationship tool for politicians and voters.

The visibility and closeness achieved with the current platforms, hardly equals with other channels. This is why politicians gave extreme importance to their digital strategy.

First above, these environments have many tools for issuing messages and, in second place, there are multiple options for interaction.

Political digital marketing extends beyond the promotion of candidates, parties and electoral platforms on the Internet, including mobile phones, social networks, graphic advertising, search engine marketing, platforms, communities and any other form of digital media.

– Forbes Mexico

Through political digital marketing, today we can offer interactive experiences and total real-time information, speeches, video, biographical summaries, photos and more.

Besides, you can access achievements and proposals through augmented reality applications, video games and more.

All of the above are extensions of the digital platforms of the candidates. And let’s not forget the bases of all dissemination platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Top 3 of Political Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

  • Build trust

It is important that candidates seek a space in social networks to generate interaction where users who read them feel identified. People are not tired of politics, but they are of politicians.

For this reason, social media content must represent the interests of the community, and not of a single individual.

  • Social networks that build trust

It is important not to simply be a personal logbook with the aim of raising egos. Users want to see life stories, feel identified with what they find in an account or platform.

That’s when stories play an important role, creating exclusive content to reach an audience. Time has come to use GIF, short, live videos, images with texts. Creativity has no limits!

  • Close the advertising gap

It is important that when planning an advertising campaign, you start by saying no to commercial or institutional content. So, the concept of  ‘sell them, without selling’ is applied, creating attractive content for users.

There are three concepts that must be considered when building an advertising campaign:

  1. Hearing
  2. Objectives
  3. Content

That’s why, by knowing these variables and raising the strategies based on them, we’ll be able to execute a good campaign.

The social networks of politicians are not theirs. They belong to their community.

It is important to return to the basics, to the human, thinking mainly of the users and their interests.

Besides, political digital marketing must provide direct and functional communication spaces.

These spaces are important for users, because they not only feel identified, but also participants.

Content for Political Digital Marketing

The main reason that makes political digital marketing one of the strongest tools to promote a candidate or platform, is the content.

Political Digital Marketing, the new way to reach the electorate and win the election

The most remarkable thing about Political Digital Marketing is the scope that a platform or candidate has over the Internet. In addition to this, there’s the speed and ease with which it can occur.

By adding an extra language to traditional policy methods, Political Marketing serves a new segment of the population, without neglecting the target audience that is already held captive.

The most important thing when implementing Political Digital Marketing

  • Meet the people you speak to, through metric analysis tools.

By detecting trends, what is spoken on the Internet, as well as the profile of the people you want to talk to or who you want, rather than vote for you, you can target to their senses, feelings and interests.

The goal through political digital marketing is to get on the trends and stay in them.

With the same transience with which social media topics occur and dissipate, then you can be a topic of discussion as well.

  • Political Digital Marketing in traditional media is not proximity and interactivity with the electorate.

Although the politician, at least in Latin America, has been mythified and turned into an almost unattainable figure or a faceless entity, that is merely the object of attacks and criticism.

Social networks allow candidates to have a direct connection with the people to whom it is addressed. In this way, he returns a certain humanity and manages to create empathy.

  • In Electoral Marketing, the messages are more personal and direct, rather than feeling like something mechanized designed to sell an idea.

The world is increasingly turning to the Internet and, with this, to social networks.

In 2.0 world, people have a capacity to influence the same people that were not previously available.

This P2P interaction, is strong enough to think that we require a solid base of influencers, which are handled with the necessary subtlety.

It is also important that these influencers can turn the mindset of people with electoral capacity.

And if the political digital marketing is one of the things that you feel passion about, don’t miss this video that explains more about it:

Do you know any highly successful Political Digital Marketing campaign? Comment and share with us!

Get certified in Political Digital Marketing

Political marketing is increasingly related to the use of the Internet and ICTs.

Besides, with clear objectives and verifiable results, it is used very frequently in the United States and Europe. This one, deals much deeper with aspects than simply seeking votes with the help of technology.

Social listening, neuromarketing and segmented campaigns on social networks, help create effective communication techniques.

Nowadays, both political parties and government teams have confirmed the importance of being accompanied by a digital strategy in politics. That is why political digital marketing becomes the tool for change and to achieve its objectives.

Quality Leadership University offers a Political Digital Marketing Certification, for the creation and development of personal, institutional and/or corporate political campaigns.

Digital Political Marketing is, then, a scientific strategy, whose successes have so far been based on:

  • Define specific objectives for each platform.
  • Use Big Data to know what topics are discussed, detect tastes and preferences in each segment of potential voters.
  • Define several target audience profiles – Microtargeting.
  • Know the adversaries and their followers very well.
  • Design strong and effective messages, attached to a content strategy aligned with the objectives.
  • Expand the broadcast of messages.

There is still much preparation in this area, which makes it not only a discipline with a candidate, but a strategy that requires knowledge of the psychological, social, political and technological.

If you want to know more about Branding, you can visit our posts about digital campaigns that improve and increase the presence of the brand with tangible results.

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Political digital marketing | How to win an election thanks to internet
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