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Digital marketing for entrepreneurs | Facts that should be known


To start a business, not only money and encouragement are needed. Even if the latter are of vital importance, you also need to know the details of the industry you want to participate in. And of course, have the right marketing strategy, in this case, digital marketing. In our article today, we present some points to remember that entrepreneurs must know to be successful through digital marketing.

digital marketing for entrepreneurs

Notice to Entrepreneurs

Digital marketing is more than paying for clicks and ads

While scheduled ads are an important part of a digital marketing strategy, it is important to notice that this goes much further. Not only should your ads be promotional, but they should be informative and, above all, they must generate interactivity with the user. Moreover, you have to be careful when designing your campaign, to make it as attractive as possible; nobody is going to click on an ad that doesn’t catch you.

Optimization for mobile devices is already mandatory

Entrepreneurs: Keep in mind that, currently, searches through mobile devices have surpassed that of personal computers. It is estimated that at least 68% of the world’s population, has a mobile device in their hands. This makes it essential to have an optimization strategy for mobile devices and think of your brand with an essential presence in them.

Don’t underestimate SEO

SEO is more alive than ever; It is an organism with great vitality, in constant movement and unstoppable evolution. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a tool that all entrepreneurs should know perfectly well and always have present because with the drastic changes to which they may be subject at any given time, they can completely alter the current state of search engines.

digital marketing for entrepreneurs

SEO is more alive than ever; It is an organism with great vitality, in constant movement and unstoppable evolution. (…) with the drastic changes that may be subject at any given time, you can completely alter the current state of the search engines.

Optimizing your conversion rate can make a notable difference.

The better you optimize your site and your landings, the lower your bounce rate will be. Give your audience something to do on your site, allow them some interactivity and provide quality content, not only for sharing, but for your visitors to stay and keep looking for more. This is especially relevant in E-commerce sites.

Generate content in large quantities and high quality

Entrepreneurs should keep in mind that content is the king on the Internet. Thanks to the viral power of social networks, content can reach unprecedented audiences. It’s here when infographics, images, videos, gifs and even memes, can contribute to your brand having a presence. Good content will keep your audience captive, and will be shared until more people are reached.

As entrepreneurs, we recommend following these strategies and not neglecting other forms of optimization that we have shared in these blogs. Entrepreneurs have become, in recent years, prominent figures on the Internet, but this hasn’t been a coincidence: Entrepreneurs with the greatest success stories, have turned to digital marketing to get where they have done.

If you are an entrepreneur and you want to know how to get further, go to LDM. We have the tools and strategies for all your needs.

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Alberto Alvarez
Alberto Alvarez
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After working for almost a decade in marketing in Procter & Gamble, Alberto envisions the power of changes in the digital era and decides to focus in the entrepreneurship world in Latam. In 2012 he founds his first start-up,, changing the way to engage with real estate in the region.Alberto served as Marketing VP for Agora Technologies at Silicon Valley, a company finance by Guy Kawasaki & Nolan Bushnell, where he developed the main concept of Startup Icon.Today, Alberto is the CEO of the holding company that conforms Latam Digital Marketing, and its subsidiaries in Latin America.
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