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The ABC of Neuromarketing

abc of neuromarketing

Do you know what neuromarketing is? Always looking for new ways to communicate to the target audience and, above all to generate sales, marketing has ventured into various methods of persuasion. Among these, one of the most recent has been neuromarketing, which was mentioned as such less than 15 years ago.

The principle of neuromarketing is simple: to reach the consumer through their mental, psychological, emotional, sensory and neuronal processes. By mastering these elements, we can influence purchasing decisions, taken in unconscious ways, without having to appeal to other more logical buying reasons.

Neuromarketing is a science that studies the effects of advertising and other communication actions on the human brain. Use it as part of your digital strategy, you can bring your brand closer to your customers.

Neuromarketing and neuroscience

abc of neuromarketing

Unlike the economic precept that supposes the existence of a rational consumer, pros and cons are analyzed, as well as opportunity cost and other convenience factors when making a purchase decision.

Neuromarketing proposes that the consumer is more guided by impulses that go hand in hand with emotions, sensory perception and subconscious elements. In order to perform these analysis, three main methods are used: electroencephalograms, magnetoencephalograms and functional magnetic resonances.

Through these non-invasive methods, market and consumer researchers have a clear vision of the behavior of people’s brains. This is achieved by being exposed to different market-related stimuli, such as ads, banners and others. For this, things like blood flow, activation of parts of the brain related to memory and emotions and the response to colors and shapes are taken into consideration.

Neuromarketing emerges as a marketing theory in the mid-1990s and since then, it has been constantly evolving, always hand in hand with neuroscience. Knowing the way in which stimuli affect people, taking into consideration from their biology to their environment, then it becomes easier to know what kind of content to generate, with what language to communicate and even what colors to use.

The author Eduardo Punset, estimates that people receive a new ad every 15 seconds, of which, nine out of 10, fail. This is why neuromarkenting is increasingly used precisely to understand what type of messages are most effective in the consumer and prevent many ads from being lost or not generating any real action.

Currently, neuromarketing is widely used in traditional marketing, but how to use it in digital marketing? Here are some points you should take into account to position the brand in the user’s brain that can be used in digital marketing.

  • Review

The internet is a tool of a collective nature, giving the user the opportunity to discover other people’s experiences with a product or service and what qualifications they give it. Studies reveal that the fact of including evaluations raises sales by 20%.

  • The right information

Depending on the company and what type of products or services it is very important to include true data that lead the user to think that their purchase decision is correct.

abc of neuromarketing

  • A picture is worth a thousand words

The human eye goes to specific areas of the screen and collects images more easily than texts. Therefore, we must focus on showing attractive images of what we want to sell.

  • Storytelling

Behind every brand there is a story and it is important to convey these experiences or memories to the client. Creating feelings in the consumer, makes us more easily reach your brain.

abc of neuromarketing

  • Let the client be the main actor

Create connections with your customers, use natural language. This helps make the brand look close and equal to the target audience. The use of the pronoun “you” gets the attention of the client and creates a relationship with his brain much easier because the person will feel that you talk about you to you. Do not talk about the product, but about what your user can do with the product.

  • Feelings of shortage

Using expressions such as “Limited Time Offer” or “Buy It Now” lead people to purchase action. Creating the feeling that the product is going to sell out, that production is limited or that we are faced with something exclusive, makes the customer feel the need to buy it right away.

  • Price management

One reality is that pain is activated with the price. Therefore, it is advisable to express the price in a more subtle way. You can use expressions like “Take it for …” or “It can be yours from …”, insinuate the customer to buy without explicitly saying so.

abc of neuromarketing

  • Few outstanding features

When there are many good features of the products on the website or social networks, you can confuse the new user and make him unable to take a specific action. It is advisable to focus on real features and limit the explanations of the benefits of the product.

Although it has had some detractors, neuromarketing has been widely used by companies of the caliber of Google, CBS and A&E in their marketing efforts, always seeking to satisfy their customers in novel ways achieving not only a consumption, but a permanence and a genuine taste for the brand. Even neuromarketing has been used in political marketing campaigns, to get votes or social actions.

If the Neuromarketing world is your thing, we want to share with you a small introduction, presented by the PhD in Neuromarketing and Engineering, David Juarez Varón, who coordinates the research group “MaCom Research Lab”, as well as training programs in marketing and business communication at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. He has been a consultant, professor and researcher at the UPV for 18 years.

Do you want to know more concepts and tools to enrich your digital strategy? Visit our Digital Marketing section.

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