Presidente LDM
18 years of experience building brands and managing high profile businesses. He worked at Procter & Gamble, managing the strategy, development, and execution of campaigns for global brands like Ariel, Downy, Pantene, and Head & Shoulders for 10 years. His passion is the creation of marketing strategies directly connected to measurable business results for his clients at LDM.
19 Feb 2019
Growth Hacking
Few resources, a lot of analysis, creativity and above all, the priority of growth and making a brand a trend… Welcome to Growth Hacking! This is ...
01 Nov 2018
mobile marketing strategies
Are you reading this from your mobile phone? The odds are very high. According to statistics, 62% of people who are on the internet, do it ...
16 Mar 2016
color psychology in digital marketing
It is a fact that color affects the way people behave. This is why understanding what color psychology is and how it works, is vital for ...