Cofundador | Director Creativo
I'm the Co-Founder Latam Digital Marketing & Gogetit. I work as Creative Director, Data Driven Design Marketer and Conversation Analyst.Right after finishing my MBA from Macquarie University - Australia, I dedicated myself to creating start ups. After several visits to Silicon Valley and connections established in that city, I founded & . A digital marketing agency with a focus on Real Estate for the entire continent.I'm also the co-founder of Latam Digital Marketing (LDM), the # 1 Digital Performance Marketing Agency, with a focus on tangible results. I work with many multinational brands for the continent such as New Balance, Lexus, Samsung, among many others.I would love to connect with you, so send me an invitation via LinkedIn and let's talk.
30 Jul 2019
digital marketing influencers
People is still the best way to approach people. For some years now, influencers have been an integral part of a well-orchestrated digital marketing strategy. From ...
29 Jul 2019
google academy online
The main subsidiary of the American multinational company Alphabet, and owner of the main search engine on the Web, Google, has a success story behind each ...
24 Jul 2019
Marketing Digital Político
Digital marketing plays a fundamental factor in society, and politics is no exception to that. That’s why so many candidates advocate Political Digital Marketing. For more ...
17 Apr 2019
political campaign marketing strategies
Last time, we were talking about political digital marketing and how it has more interference in the outcome of the elections than you think. This time, ...