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What is LDM AI Hub?

Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence consulting

Consultoría de Inteligencia Artificial We are the conglomerate of the most advanced AI and Machine Learning companies in the region at your disposition
Agencia de Inteligencia Artificial We offer integral consulting for business and technological processes for your company
Agencia de Machine Learning We improve and optimize different processes through automation, making businesses more profitable


Measuring the offline world with
digital tools is possible

Your media investment in multichannel strategies needs to be measurable, and there are digital platforms that allow you to do it online.

But what about your offline measurement?

Decidata is a platform that allows you to directly attribute your TV campaigns and their impact on your digital business variables. Thanks to its algorithm you can measure in real-time the impact of your TV commercials and their performance, as well as synchronize digital campaigns that complement your digital reach.

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Agencia de machine learning

Jean Mathieu Grappe

Decidata’s Co-founder

Television in Mexico is not dead, it is in a process of digitizing the content it creates and the ad buying process.

Hero Guest

Digital staff training

Remember that the reputation of your company is in the hands of the service that your employees provide to each of your clients.

HeroGuest helps you to ensure that business strategies are executed as you planned thanks to its micro-learning & gamification model. HeroGuest trains and develops your staff and allows you to visualize your progress in real-time and create satisfaction surveys.

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Eduardo Méndez

co-founder of Hero Guest

A well-trained staff sells up to 24% more, according to US statistics; many believe that they can raise their income up to 30 or 40%, but that is not true, only a great promotion increases between 7 and 12%


Karma Pulse

Social Listening Platform

A startup specialized in the analysis of written and/or spoken information that allows us to visualize different indicators such as feelings.
Karma Pulse, unlike other data interpretation platforms, has an Artificial Intelligence algorithm, created 100% in Spanish, which allows for assertiveness greater than 93% (60% other tools).

Also, KarmaPulse has a set of tools that allows the visualization of different types of structured and unstructured information in an easy way that will allow you to make the best business decisions.

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José Manuel Medina

Karma Pulse Director | AI Social Listening

Other systems have 60% accuracy, the listening of out AI ​​of our has more than 90% accuracy

Adext - Dynamic audience optimization

AI Digital Campaign Software

Get access to one of the most advanced algorithms to improve the performance of your Google & Facebook campaigns. Adext optimizes your digital campaigns by doing thousands of audience iterations, looking for the right audience, at the right time on the right channel.

With Adext you can have efficiency in your investments focused on guaranteed double-digit conversion.

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Daniel Molano

Adext CEO

Artificial Intelligence predicts dynamic audiences that convert better to specific days and times

Consultoria de machine learning


WhatsApp Business Bot + IA

For brands, everyday it becomes increasingly more important to create unique personal relationships. Chatbot and its Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithm make it very easy to achieve this.

Thanks to its integrations with Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp, your consumers will have an exceptionally unique experience in each interaction with your brand, while you learn more from your audience and their needs to create and/or improve your products.

Agencia de inteligencia artificial

Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence Agency


We work every day to help companies that automate their processes using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence achieve success.

Because the best way to predict the future is to create it.

What do our
customers say?

KarmaPulse chelps us better understand our products, services, and customers by promoting the sales, marketing and customer service of our business ... "


With WhatsApp and Chatbot, we are building strong relationships with our customers through the channel that values instant messaging more."

Gustavo Mérida
Digital Marketing Director

... The work that humans can do is limited to 60% of the total amount of actions that a tool like Adext can perform ”

María Hernández

LDM Ubicación Panamá

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